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July 26, 2018

Machaneh Musings by Bil

Author - Camp Yavneh

This week many of our campers are engaged in a series of workshops, called Sadnaot. These are opportunities for campers to try new things in short yet intensive spurts. Many campers have been loving the different Sadnaot choices. This is one of the reasons that camp inspires kids – the ability to try new things in a supportive environment. I hope that you’ll ask your Kfirim, Arayot, Leviim and Maalot children what they did in their Sadna week.

And in preparation for our 75th year of Yavneh, we have had a number of alumni at camp to help us reminisce, record and remember the Yavneh of summer’s past. We even had someone who was here in 1944 the first summer of camp!

Between Sadnaot and alumni visits, there is one one constant that I continually hear about and that is every camper’s ability to find their own space at Yavneh. We often talk about Yavneh being a unique microcosm of both the camping and Jewish world. What remains in 1944 also is the same in 2018 – a commitment to creating passionate Jews who care deeply about their world and space for them to discover more about themselves.

Stay tuned because over the coming days, I will be sharing with you where we are with the Strategic Plan that we started last year. Many exciting things are coming to Yavneh.


Kol tov,