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July 31, 2018

Kerem Blog – Week Two Second Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

This week has been more jam packed than the amount of peanut butter Ben Neumann puts on his PB&J, which is a whole 2 packets to just one packet of jam. (As a disclaimer, this writer puts two packets of jam to one packet of peanut butter in his PB&J because peanut butter has a stronger taste than jam, so you need more jam. Also, this writer sometimes puts banana or apple, or even pear in his PB&J to either give that extra gooey taste or some added crunch! I encourage you all to try it!)

Anywho, Kerem had an amazing time this week. After the Boston trip, where we sang and talked to the elderly at an old-age home in Chelsea, got an awesome tour of Fenway, ran into former counselors who worked in the area at Faneuil Hall, as well as Dan’s brother who works across the street from Faneuil Hall before adjourning to David Gerard’s house for a catered dinner, they put together an incredible KTV. For those who don’t know, KTV is the annual Kerem-run lip-syncing competition where each bunk in camp plans a choreographed performance where they lip-sync a song that fits into whatever category Kerem gave them. Some categories Kerem created for the younger campers included Bar/Bat-Mitzvah songs, songs from musicals, and songs with the word “tonight” in them. It was a huge success. Kerem made four videos and hosted what was a really fun night for everyone in camp.

Then Shabbos came again and I asked how many Shabboses remain – there are only 2 more to pertain as Kerem. We are making every last moment count. After a restful Shabbat, the kids started preparing to run Kerem Karnival which takes place Tuesday. We will be leading younger camp in all sorts of fun games and what-nots.

We are really coming into their own as an aydah and last night we let our talents shine bright in our aydah talent show. There was beautiful singing, interpretive dance, clover picking, mind-only math and much, much more! We have also started practicing for Rikudiyah the annual dance night where each aydah does a choreographed dance to a Hebrew song. Unlike the Zimriyah, it is not a competition, but just a fun night for everyone to do have a fun time dancing and letting loose!

We are so excited for the upcoming week, and can’t wait to share with you all!


Dan. Josh, Yael, Ben, Elianna