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August 08, 2017

Maalot Aug. 8th Updates

Author - Camp Yavneh


When we last left off, Maalot was coming back from Hampshire Hills. Our week since that night has been a little more tired, but still a lot of fun. On Thursday, we slept during the morning and woke up to a pizza bagel lunch. In the afternoon, the aydah participated in an intensive photoshoot at the agam and had time for free swim. We showered and then joined up with the rest of camp, who was coming back from their own trip days, and ate a barbecue. At night, we had Erev The Office, based on the tv show The Office. The chanichim (campers) were divided into teams based on different characters in The Office and rotated through different stations; they played wastebasket ball, pin the tail on the cat, made paper plate awards, and pranked each other.

Friday night Shabbat came (at last!) and we were all ready for the rest that came with it. Our Rosh Josh Schwartz’s parents came for Shabbat, and everyone met them and saw the entire Schwartz family together for the first time. Shabbat brought delicious food, singing, and a calmness that settled over the whole camp.

Sunday was Jewish Arts Festival, an intercamp performance with singing and dancing, so the Maalot chanichim that participated this year bussed to Camp Tevya to perform. The remaining nineteen chanichim had the privilege of learning about art history for Yom Gallery! Since both of Maalot’s roshei aydah (unit heads), Helen and Josh, are art history majors, they taught the aydah some theory. We learned about Marcel Duchamp and Cindy Sherman, Pierre Huygh and Felix Gonzales-Torres, and then chanichim were responsible for creating a mini gallery out of photographs from the summer. At night, we had a gallery opening with mocktails, fancy dress, and soft jazz. After that, we had a peulah (activity) with Scott, Rosh Safety at Yavneh, that was a murder mystery and that used forensics.

Monday was a big day for Maalot. The banot (girls) won a game of football in our Powderpuff competition with Leviim, and the banim (boys) won quidditch and dodgeball against the Leviim banim. Monday night was Rekudia, Yavneh’s dance festival, and each aydah did a dance together. It was a night of fun and ridiculous dancing. This week, we’re looking forward to the Maalot play!


Josh and Helen