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June 30, 2016

Leviim off to a Jumping Start!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Boker tov to the amazing parents of our Leviim chanichim (campers)!

So far the kayitz (summer) has started with a bang, and 7 hoorays of joy. Our madrichim (counselors) have been waiting all staff week and could not be more overjoyed to see the chanichim! We started the morning with some fun and silly ice breakers btzrif (by bunk) and then ate truly delicious pizza for lunch.

It was so clear that the chanichim were overjoyed to be back together after 10 long months apart! During the afternoon peulot (activities) the banim (boys) and banot (girls) joined together to go on Yavneh’s newest, most exciting endeavor yet… the Kangarooach!!!!! The Kangarooach, named by our own rosh Avi Wechsler, is an above ground trampoline that allows for optimal fun and excitement. Next the chanichim played basketball and knock-out.

For the first time, our chanichim were given the opportunity to choose their own electives for kitah (daily classes). Afterwards, due to heavy rain, both banot and banim joined together in the beit am (gym) along with GuriPhoto Jun 29%2C 4 32 34 PMm chanichim (the youngest campers) to do some of our favorite camp rikudei am (folk dances).

After another lovely meal the chanichim came together in the Ben Tzvi to participate in a Round Robin peulat erev (evening activity) prepared by their madrichim. Chanichim participated in activities such as an interpretive song/dance-off, human minefield (obstacle course scavenger hunt), a create-your own rap performance, and Thunderdome, a memory game. Finally after the first Ra’ad Hayom (end of evening song) the chanichim happily returned to their tzrifim (bunks) and fell fast asleep after a long, exciting, and wonderful first day.

B’ahava, Avi and Emma