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June 26, 2018

Arayot June 26th Blog: The First Few Days of Camp

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Arayot blog readers,


We are so happy to have you here joining us on our fabulous Kayitz 2018 adventure! Our summer started off with a bang as we turned our eyes heavenwards (or and hoped for a rain-free day. As we greeted, shrieked, unpacked, danced and played – the rain listened to Bil’s request and stayed away! We started the afternoon strong, breaking into games by Tzrif (bunk) to get to know each other. Our madrichim (counselors) led us through the camp as we wound our way to Mifkad (flag pole) to gather as a whole camp for the FIRST TIME! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! We walked through the open arms of Kerem as we sauntered our way into the Chadar Ochel (dining hall) for a delicious dinner of shnitzel, mashed potatoes and veggies (so yummy!)

 Our evening got off to a PHENOMENAL start! We gathered as a group in Sukat Bogrim to get a start to our programming. We introduced our madrichim, and our rhythmic Aydah (division cheer). Try it with us! It goes like this… seven rapid fire taps on the table and then seven claps. Three rapid fire taps on the table and then three claps. Then one tap, one clap as we shout “Ar-ay-ot!” When we do it all 59 of us on the Chadar Ochel tables it truly sounds EPIC! We then broke into groups for a wild and wacky scavenger hunt entitled “bringing out the weird.” we spent the evening running through the rain and completing absurd tasks. We ended our night with a beautiful rendition of “Rad Hayom”  Yavneh’s traditional closing song in which we all grasp hands and sing together.

Monday was a beautiful day. We chose our chuggim (electives), and had our first round of afternoon peulot (activities), which included soccer, kangaruach,  volleyball, nucomb!

We can’t wait for all tomorrow has in store for us!


Danni and the rest of Tzevet Arayot 2018