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August 07, 2017

Leviim Aug 7th Updates!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hello there family and friends of Leviim ‘17! Welcome back to your favorite blog post, from your favorite roshes of your favorite aydah! Okay well maybe you aren’t as enthusiastic as we are about Leviim ’17 but c’mon you gotta admit they are pretty great! (We hear that from people all the time!)

Thursday night the boys practiced for Rikuduia, a special dance which is passed on to every 4th Kerem. Meanwhile the girls enjoyed making sushi with Bil and eating a fair amount of it as well!

Afterwards we all gathered around a bonfire to end the night. This was after a long day at Not Odiorne for Achla Yom. Not Odiorne is actually a beach near Portsmouth called New Castle Commons. We explored the rock formations, took tons of beachy photos, splashed around in the water and walked to the edge of the dock. On the way back we were surprised with frozen yogurt which was probably the best thing that has ever happened to us! Friday was another packed day at machaneh. We are still enjoying being out of the three weeks and have been blasting tunes in the Chadar Ochel to celebrate. Friday was our last day of Sadna which was sad. We had a great Rikudia practice as a full aydah and enjoyed some beautiful weather. Shabbat started off pretty stormy but eventually cleared up and we sang our hearts out. Plenty of free time allowed for good conversation and book reading. After Shabbat we had a full Havdallah, besides for the fact that most of the aydah was meltzing, with the band! Sunday we changed chugim and said goodbye to the Gurim and Kfirim chanichim who left on Kaytana. The banot had powderpuff practice while the boys played basketball. We did our chesed project as an aydah and then our last Rikudia practice. We ended the day with a peulat erev of Sunday Night Leviim, where the chanichim acted, wrote and produced their own sketch comedy show!


Sarah and Ravi