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August 14, 2019

Kfirim – Last Blog Post of Kayitz 19

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Horim (parents),

It is hard to believe that this is our last blog of the summer! It has been a memorable and eventful week. 

When we came back from our Achla Yom, we had the customary barbecue and then the whole camp got into one building for “Zimriy-a-capella” (a capella singing competition). However, they all soon realized that this competition was really a set up for Maccabiah (color war) breakout. The chanichim (campers) quickly split up into their two teams, Nistar (hidden) and Nigleh (revealed). The chanichim met the Kerem on their team and learned a team cheer. Then, we did “over/under” which is the first activity of maccabiah every year. 

The next morning was normal, despite Maccabiah having broken out (this way the chanichim were able to get in a few more days of swim lessons, Kitah (class), and chug (elective)!). In the afternoon, the chanichim had team meetings to start learning their Maccabiah songs and competed by team in kickball and basketball. Wednesday night was Chidon, a quiz show in which the chanichim showed how much knowledge they have acquired in their kitot (classes). 

Thursday was another normal morning and Maccabiah-full afternoon. At night, the whole camp participated in “Dizzy-Izzy”s which is a silly relay race in which people spin in circles before beginning. After watching Kerem (CITs) and Madrichim (counselors) do theirs, Kfirim got to do ayda (unit)- specific Dizzy Izzy. 

The next night was the start of the last Shabbat at camp. Everyone sang their hearts out at tefillot (services) and zemirot (sining). Shabbat day was a lot of fun and left everyone with stomachs full of good food. As Shabbat ended, we began to transition to a more serious mood for Tisha B’Av (the ninth of av). 

On Tisha B’Av the chanichim learned about the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (temple) and other destruction in the world. At the end of the day those who fasted had a yummy breakfast and we all enjoyed listening to music again now that the nine days were over. On Monday, we participated in HaMeirutz HaNifla (the amazing race, formerly known as Apache), which is a camp wide relay race. Everyone got a task to do for the race, whether it was throwing a ball through a hoop or spelling out a team name in hebrew with their bodies. It was a blast! Then, we all got to see the camp play, Homesick at Hogwartz. All the actors were great, but the Kfirim kids were especially awesome! In the afternoon, the pleugot (teams) had their last meeting to prepare for lechu neranena (final competition of maccabiah). At Lechu, the teams showed off their skills and hard work through a tekes (ceremony), shelet (plaque), and the two songs they had practiced. In the end, Nistar won maccabiah. Kol hakavod (all of the respect) to both teams!

As we start packing up, we are thinking back on all the amazing things this ayda did this summer. Thank you, horim, for lending us your energetic, creative, and kind kids and for giving us this opportunity to get to know them. See you next summer!


Ami and Gabi