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August 16, 2016

Kerem’s Final Week!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Parents and Other Interested Individuals,
Our last Shabbat started off with a bang as Bil Zarch gave a motivating and powerful sermon during קבלת שבת. Zmirot were raucous as per usual and our normal moshing session was full of רוח if only slightly juxtaposed with the fact that it was our last. The rest of Shabbat was hi-lighted with a great (hour and a half long?) tish. Another special thing about this Shabbat was the fact that we had the opportunity to teach the younger Photo Aug 09%2C 5 08 50 PMעדות about our “Reka”, or rather the תורה  behind our Maccabiah team names (Shoresh and Eitz- שורש + עץ). It was a learning experience for both the children who were being taught פסוקים and for the Kerem, as teachers and leaders.
As Tisha B’ Av rolled through the mood turned more somber. Oh what a pensive and reflective time we had. We learned about the destruction of the Temple(s), had an amazing פעולה about epilepsy awareness led by our counselor Elisha, and a memorial service for Ezra Schwartz. Afterwords we watched a film called Dough, and broke our fast on Salmon and Cheesecake. That night we covered our bunks and had to deal with many campers who couldn’t hold their dinner after breakfast. Yuck!

Today was another Maccabiah filled day, but with a twist in the morning. In honor of Debbie and her love for hiking, the whole camp when on a mini hike together up Mountain Road, (with a special ice cream surprise waiting for us at the end)! The rest of the day was filled with רוח, team chants, sporting events and much more. Although both teams are in constant preparation for the final singing event “Lechu Neranenah” on Tuesday Night, we are savoring our final Kerem nights. Looking forward to our “Dizzy Izzys” and final Barbecue tonight.

Kerem 16