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July 11, 2019

Machine Musings – Hakarat Hatov in Action in Yavneh

Author - Bil Zarch

Hakarat Hatov (gratitude) takes on many forms at camp. Some are very apparent and others you have to dig deeper to see. There is not one example that we can point to and see that is what showing gratitude looks like. This week, our community showed gratitude in so many authentic ways, embracing the many ways one can show gratitude.

Toby Mars, Leviim madricha,during the shivyoni (egalitarian) minyan which she coordinates and leads, facilitated a captivating discussion with Arayotand Leviimcampers about empowerment and tefillot.She asked our campers to be the force that creates powerful moments in prayer.

We received a complimentary email from a Kaytana Aleph parent this week praising Ben Rosenn, Gurim madrich, for the dedication that Ben showed to this camper, whom wasn’t even in his bunk.

Maalot traveled to Acadia and Bar Harbor this week. Their entire staff (Lily Applbaum, Max Breslau, Aaron Butler, Erez Davidson, Joseph Finkelstein, Molly Goldberg, Rachel Wechsler, Shuli Weinstein) were on their A-game as they modeled the behavior that they expected from their campers. The campgrounds and the places they visited raved about our group.

Elijah Freiman, Gurim madrich, is in his first summer on staff and has risen to the occasion in his ayda.He can often be found in the middle of a table full of Gurs doling out food or comforting one who may be a bit homesick. He has quickly become a super star!

Lea Benichou, Gefen madricha, when one of her campers didn’t get a letter one day, she took the time to write them and left it on their bed as a surprise.

I look forward to sharing more stories with you next week. Shabbat Shalom