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July 26, 2016

Gurim is Buzzing with Energy!

Author - Camp Yavneh
 A new energy is buzzing though the air, so palpable that it feels as though we are taking it in with each breathe. This immediate reanIMG_4568imation could be seen among the smiles and laughter of  Gurim as they ran, tagged, danced, leapt and twirled through the many “ice-breaking” games we played during our פעולות ערב (night time activities). Admittedly the fun was so hard to contain that even when we went back to our צריפים (bunks) to get some well-deserved sleep, most of us were still jumping around. So after quite a few reminders to stop chatting with your new best friends, the חניכים (campers)  finally fell asleep.
 As the light peaked through our windows in the בוקר (morning), we faced the morning with that same excitement. Knowing that we would have many awesome פעולות (activities)  to fill the new day!
Danni and Max