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January 22, 2021

Eshkolit: COVID FAQ January 22

Author - Camp Yavneh

Q: Does camp still plan to have a weely Achla Yom like in previous years?


Yes! We are definitely committed to a special day of fun and ru’ach (spirit) every week that takes us out of our regular routine. “Achla Yom” loosely translates as  “Awesome Day” and we can’t wait to fill those days for Kayitz ‘21 with special programming brought to you by the Tochnit (programming) Team and the Roshes (unit heads). Their creativity, imagination, competitiveness, ru’ach, and all-around goofiness will make these days a break from our usual Luz (daily schedule) and a memorable highlight each week.


Q: Will you still be taking campers off-site for some Achla Yom activities?

As of this writing, in order to preserve the integrity of our camp bubble, we do not anticipate that we will be taking campers out of camp for trips on Achla Yom. Our COVID Task Force does not recommend for us to go camping and use facilities off-site. They do not recommend that we go anywhere where we might interact with others (crowded summer beaches, mini-golf courses, waterslides, etc). If, as summer approaches, our COVID Task Force feels that we might be able to take hikes (secluded from others), or rent out an entire facility/site for our exclusive use, then we will re-evaluate. For now, we plan to replace our overnights with in-camp tenting/campsite experiences, and look into ways of inspiring and energizing our campers and tzevet (staff) on Achla Yom in a variety of ways that keeps our community safe and our bubble intact.