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August 07, 2017

Arayot Aug. 7th Updates!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear ready and rousing readers,

Thursday morning we headed off to the most hiked mountain in the world, Mount Monadnock, for our overnight at Mount Monadnock State Park. We arrived at the mountain just before lunchtime and after enjoying a relaxing lunch and Sha’at Menuchah (rest time) we got to work setting up our campsite. After pitching tents and settling in a bit we headed off to summit the mountain. Following a short hike to the summit we enjoyed a water break at the top with some amazing views. When we returned to the campsite we had a delicious meal grilled by the madrichim and sat by the fire singing everyone’s favorite campfire songs.

Friday morning we awoke at the campground and relished in a peaceful tefillot and breakfast surrounded by nature and wilderness. We returned to camp just before and immediately cleanses ourselves of the caked on grime and dirt. After lunch, we continued practicing for Rikudia (our annual camp wide dance performance). Friday night we enjoyed our second Shabbat of second session that included a delicious Shabbat dinner and Zemirot.

Shabbat morning was chalk full of Shacharit and Musaf and then a couple of hours of Zman Chofshi (free time) before lunch. In the afternoon we had more Zman Chofshi and then gathered again with the rest of camp for Seudah Shlishi and Havdallah.

Sunday morning was the normal schedule as Gurim had to send off their Kaytana campers. In the afternoon the boys built egg drop contraption that they then brought to the top of the Kir Tipus (rock climbing wall) and hurled off the top. The girls enjoyed an afternoon of sports before they joined with the boys for clothing kolbo.

There are a ton of very exciting events happening this week that highlight second month. We can’t wait to check back in with you later this week and tell you all about them!



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