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May 01, 2015

2015 Annual Campaign

Author - Camp Yavneh

All Roads Lead to Yavneh

Does it ever feel like all roads lead to Yavneh? I drive through the streets of metro Boston and often spot a Yavneh car magnet whizzing by. I speed up to catch a glimpse of the passerby to see the person behind wheel? Is it someone I know? A camp friend? A teacher? Estelle? Yavneh has a 70+ year history and the connections are endless!

The twists and turns that lead to Yavneh are often a surprise. In the 70s, my husband was an alum of camp. Years later, we returned as a family to Yavneh’s Family Camp  … and did so for eight consecutive years! Naturally, our kids grew into campers and along the way, my connection grew deeper. I served on the Board of Directors and now, I find myself reporting to the camp office three days a week as the Development Director. Dinner parties inevitably turn into Yavneh stories and kiddush lunch often results in a conversation about something relating to camp … indeed, it seems all roads lead to Yavneh!

Through all the twists and turns, I’ve come to learn there’s one constant about Yavneh and that is camp’s goal to provide a vibrant overnight summer camp for Jewish kids, regardless of observance level or affordability. For 70 years, our diverse K’lal Yisrael environment has remained core to our mission and unique to Yavneh.

The generosity of our community allows us to proudly deliver upon our goals and mission. This year, we will award more than $200,000 in scholarship assistance to families otherwise unable to afford Yavneh. This accounts for 25% of our campers. If you haven’t had the opportunity to give, please do so now. Your gift support Yavneh’s rich infrastructure of creative programming and top notch facilities and helps diversify our camper population.

If you’ve already given to our 2015 Annual Campaign, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! a 501(3)c non-profit, your donation helps to provide an outstanding summer experience to hundreds of campers. Thanks in for your support.

Please give to our Annual Campaign today to help strengthen our camp. In return, we’ll work harder to continue building strong, confident Jewish leaders of tomorrow!

Warmly, Melanie Gerard