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August 07, 2019

Third Kfirim Blog – Session Two

Author - Camp Yavneh

Dear Horim, (parents)

It has truly been a Shavua Meyuchedet (special week) in Kfirim

Last Wednesday was our Achla Yom (Fun Day). The plan was to hike Mt. Major and then go to Weirs Beach. The busses were running a bit late, so we ended up hiking Mt. Major later than what was scheduled. But that didn’t put a damper on things! We decided to not go to the beach and instead reward the chanichim (campers) for their hard work climbing up the mountain with ice cream from Johnson’s! The chanichim were more than happy to cool off after the exhausting hike. Wednesday night was also exciting with KTV! KTV is a lip-syncing and dancing competition that Kerem (CITs) puts on. Each tzrif (bunk) chooses a song from a theme and makes a little skit out of it. Kfirim’s theme this year was Queen! G5’s performance was to Another One Bites the Dust, B7 did Don’t Stop Me Now, and B6 did Somebody to Love. All the bunks were amazing, and G5 even came in second place!

Thursday was another special day! Our peulat erev was Rikudiyah, a dance showcase. Each bunk participated in a dance they have been working on for the past week. Every camper was involved and danced with such poise and grace! After Rikudiyah, the whole camp did some Israeli dancing together and then went to get a special nighttime snack. 

On Friday afternoon, the madrichim (counselors) planned a tzoharaim meuchad (special afternoon) called Yom Lifecycle (Lifecycle Day). The chanichim (campers) went through different lifestyle events, such as birth, preschool, bnei mitzvah, marriage, and retirement. The chanichim had a blast finger painting in pre school and playing a special camp bingo in retirement. 

After a delicious pizza nish nush we started to get into the Shabbat mode. We got all dressed up then moved to the Beit Am for singing and dancing. This Shabbos was jam packed with amazing ruach (spirit) and relaxation. 

Sunday we had a relatively normal day. In the afternoon, we created a Jewish wax museum where five madrichim (counselors) imitated famous Jewish figures in history, such as the Rambam and Gloria Steinem. To get the figures to come to life with a magic word, they had to do an activity as a group. Afterwards, we had a splash in the Agam (lake) to get out of the Sunday heat. Once we were done cooling off, the banim (boys) jumped their way to the Kangaruach (trampoline) and the Banot (girls) had fun acting in drama.

Monday was Yom Yisrael (Israel Day)! The chanichim (campers) went to a mock shuk (Israeli market), where they bought candy, juice, fruits, vegetables, and some souvenirs. Yesterday was a round robin of different Israeli activities, such as an obstacle course while wearing IDF uniforms and singing Israeli songs. The chanichim (campers) all had a blast!

To add to the kef (fun) two of our madrichim had birthdays this week! Mazal Tov

B’ahava (with love),

Ami and Gabi