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April 29, 2019

Meet Some Tzevet for Kayitz 19

Author - Camp Yavneh

In this edition of Hakshivu we are introducing a few members of our Tzevet for Kayitz 19. We are so excited to introduce you to some returning staff and new staff. Returning for his 9th year, Marcelo is Rosh Rikud. Hailing from Argentina, he works closely with campers on everything dance, including the much-loved Rikudiyah dance competition. Another popular staff member, returning for his 14th summer, is Benzi Thee, Rosh Musica. Benzi stays busy all summer during ReliSh and other weekly camp musical activities, and he also provides sound and music for plays and Zimriyah! And last year, he directed a Yavneh-style amazing sing-a-long – check it out here! We would also like to give a warm return welcome to Meital Dimant, who hails from Ramat Gan, Israel. For the last nine years she has been teaching at the Soloman Shecter Day School in Boston and is returning as a Bishul (Cooking) Specialist for her second summer at camp

And we can’t wait to introduce our new staff members to campers this summer. Rena Strober is joining us from L.A. as Rosh Drama and as some of you learned on Facebook, she is known to most people under 18 years old as Becky Bickelhoff from Disney’s ‘Liv & Maddie.’ In addition, Rena has been on Broadway, TV and has done voices for hundreds of characters. Joining her this summer is her husband, Jon Weinberg. In addition to being an accomplished actor, he is also a photography specialist with his work being featured in several prominent publications. Also coming to Yavneh for the first time is Jake Smith as a music specialist. Jake is a grammy award winning musician who sings with the Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue Choir in Montreal.

We recently reached out to this dynamic tzevet to discover a little more about them and here is what they shared:

Favorite camp/outdoor activity?

“Canoeing, swimming, singing songs around a campfire.” – Jake Smith

“When I went to camp in Wisconsin about a hundred years ago I loved the various lake activities like swimming, boating and water skiing. I also loved a good game of GaGa.” – Jon Weinberg

Kabbalat Shabbat at Gilboa.” – Benzi Thee


What are you looking forward to most this summer?

“I am very excited for camp. Teaching is my passion and I’m going to teach how to cook Israeli food in Hebrew. I will be sharing my mom’s delicious recipes with the campers.”  – Meital Dimant

“Seeing the progress campers made over this year whether it is in music, dance, sports or more importantly, connection to the Jewish nation and Israel,  and discovering new talents.” – Benzi Thee

Rikudiyah!!! And Havdallah dancing!!!” – Marcelo Marianoff

“Meeting all the amazing campers, putting on shows and allowing kids to challenge themselves as actors & singers. I also can’t wait for Color War!” – Rena Strober

“Being in nature and getting to share the joy of capturing moments with a camera.” – Jon Weinberg


What is the most unique item you are packing in your luggage for camp?

“Definitely my blue sequin fanny pack!” – Rena Strober

“Probably my OP1. It’s a weird little synthesizer/everything machine. It’s a keyboard, a recording device, a drum machine, several synthesizers, 5 sequencers, a mixing station… etc. Love that lil’ guy.” – Jake Smith

“I’m going to pack a good book and pictures of my youngest son.” – Meital Dimant

“This year, for the first time, our son, Isaias!” – Marcelo Marianoff