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June 15, 2017

Meet Some Hanhallah of Kayitz ’17

Author - Camp Yavneh

הנהלה – Meet Some Hanhallah of Kayitz’17

Camp Yavneh is thrilled to have Meir Deutsch, Davida Amkraut and Lisa Rubins on staff returning for kayitz ’17. Davida is the Rosh Banot (Head Girls Counselor), Meir the Rosh Banim (Head Boys Counselor) and Lisa the Assistant Director – Director of Programming at Yavneh. Davida and Meir have been at camp for over 30 years combined and this will be Lisa’s 41st summer at camp! Learn more about them here. Recently, we asked them three questions about camp and here is what they had to say:

Favorite camp activity?

  • “I love swimming the lake each day– Davida 
  • “My favorite activity at camp is kolbo (camp store) or relesh (ruach lifnei Shabbat) (we  should sell relesh in kolbo;)” – Meir 
  • “I love all the activities, chug (elective), peulot erev, yom anything. I love to see what the madrichim plan and how the kids love it. BUT if I had to choose just one peulah, it would have to be Maccabiah. To see how Kerem has planned and created and to watch them take over the reins of camp, as the next generation of madrichim is truly special. The last night of camp is also a favorite of mine, mostly because it is so steeped in masoret. – Lisa 

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

  • “I am looking forward to seeing all the chanichim back again and welcoming new and old madrichim.” – Davida 
  • “I am excited for what’s new in kayitz ’17 -Meir 
  • “I love the thrill and excitement of Opening Day. Please be sure to introduce yourself to me! – Lisa 

Helpful tip for new and returning campers

  • “Stay in the moment and enjoy everything that is being offered to you! ” – Davida 
  • “Double sheet your beds on the first day, it makes changing the linen so much easier, and label every single item, it makes Davida’s life so much easier (when she does lost and found).” – Meir 
  • “Take advantage of every opportunity to try something new. Get out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it! Make a new friend, try a new sport, eat a new food. – Lisa