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November 29, 2017

Meet David Katz – Yavneh Alum and Legacy Member

Author - Camp Yavneh

Camp Yavneh is proud to have over 100 Legacy Circle members. Legacy Circle is a multigenerational group of Yavneh alumi, parents and grandparents that are passionate about Yavneh’s vision and mission. They have chosen to include Yavneh in their estate plan, family will or bequest, helping secure the future of our community.

Today, we highlight David Katz, a co-owner of a construction and maintenance company, who lives in MA. David shares his connection to Yavneh and explains how Yavneh continues to figure prominently in the lives of his children.

What is your connection to Camp Yavneh?

My three brothers and I went to Yavneh throughout the 70’s and 80’s and had great summers there. I started in Gurim and became a counselor – so I was there for a total of ten summers. I am so excited that my kids are following in my footsteps and going to Yavneh, and some of my nieces and nephews also go to Yavneh.

What is your fondest Yavneh memory?

This is a hard one to answer but I would have to say my friends and spending time on the agam (waterfront). And every year when I drop off my kids at camp, I re-connect with all the other Yavneh families and catch up.

Why is camp so important to you and why have you chosen to be a legacy member?

We think that  camp is a wonderful place for our  kids to spend the summer. Yavneh has the unique ability to bring together all Jews from different backgrounds including traditional, orthodox, conservative and reform families in an environment where everyone can learn to be together. Yavneh is one of the few places that I have ever seen that is able to do it successfully.

What was Yavneh like in your day?

The energy and spirit of Yavneh is so similar to the way it is today – the traditions, singing and dancing and Zimriyah are all so similar in the excitement that these activities bring to camp; yet, they are  somehow different.