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July 07, 2016

Leviim is Hiking Cliffs and Swimming in Waterfalls

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Shalom Parents!

This week in the ludicrous lives of Leviim:

We obliged the nation’s holiday, July 4th , with a talent show that several of our חניכים (campers) participated in, before ending the night with a wonderful screening of Shrek.

The next day, we embarked upon the Highland Center, deep into the valleys of New Photo Jul 03%2C 3 27 06 PMHampshire, for an exciting and action-packed 3 days. The חניכים went on several hikes to cliffs and waterfalls, engaged in several peulot( activities ) about nature, and had fun learning survival skills while squeezing in some chill time in between.

Up next, we will be returning to the Machaneh (camp) to welcome in Shabbat and have an amazing end to an exciting week!

B’ahava, Emma and Avi