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July 06, 2017

Leviim Highlights – 4th of July, Achla Yom and Birthdays!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Family and friends of Leviim ‘17,

Monday kicked off with a celebration of Yoni Semel’s birthday! We has ice cream, cake, a chance to play on the kangaruach, and a chance to celebrate with all of our friends. Our peulat erev (evening activity) that night was, quite appropriately, a birthday bash with the other aydot (age groups) of upper camp. Each birth-month competed to see which month was best, through videos, skits, and songs.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Fourth of July, Yavneh-style. In the afternoon, we paraded through camp as quirky tourists, then had some line dancing in the beit am (gym). After having some red, white, and blue cupcakes for nish-nush (snack), our chanichim bounced around some more on the kangaruach. In the evening, we ate our traditional July 4th meal of fried chicken and apple pie. For peulat erev, we watched the camp-wide talent sho

w, which featured our very own Noah Berkowitz and Adam Winograd performing, as well as all of the banot (girls) with their rendition of the noodle song, written by o

ur beloved madricha (counselor) Sarah Mlotek. The talent show ended with an exciting and freedom-inspiring display of fireworks, followed by a screening of the movie Trolls, complete with soda and popcorn.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Also on Tuesday, our chanichim found out that we would be heading to the Appalachian Mountain Club Highland Center on Wednesday! The Highland Center is a highlight of Levi’im summer for many chanichim, so even though the plans were sprung on them suddenly, our chanichim tookeverything in stride.

After packing up and loading the buses on Wednesday morning, we headed up the White Mountains to the Highland center. After arriving, we ate lunch and headed out in groups on six to different hikes, various waterfalls and mountaintops. After returning, all of us were wiped. So we showered and relaxed for a little while before having a delicious, Yavneh-cooked aruchat erev (dinner) and a medurah (bonfire).

We will be spending Thursday and Friday at the Highland Center as well, hiking, learning outdoor skills, and bonding together as an aydah. We can’t wait to tell you all the details of the trip on Monday.


Ravi and Sarah