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August 05, 2016

Leviim Banot Win KTV!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Hey there Leviim Parents!!

Hope you have had as fun and exciting a week as we have!! Monday night our חניכים (campers) started practicing for KTV (Kerem TV), a lip-syncing contest hosted by the oldest חניכים. Do not be mistaken, Leviim takes KTV very, very seriously. Our category was “Oldies” and the חניכים did not disappoint. The  בנים (boys) danced and sang along to “Another One Bites the Dust” proving to the whole מחנה (camp) that they have some sweet dance moves and can “dab” like no other. The בנות (girls) did an amazing mashup, performing to “What a Wonderful World,” “Summer Loving,” and “Hit Me baby One Photo Jul 25%2C 8 50 53 PM (1)More Time.” We are so incredibly proud to announce that our בנות walked away from KTV with another win, their second year in a row!!!!!!!

Yesterday, our חניכים enjoyed an amazing אחלה יום (special day), in the morning the בנות practiced for Powder Puff, their upcoming football game, while the בנים played spikeball and worked on our חסד project, painting the fence and beautifying camp. After a dip in the אגם and some lunch, we all hurried off to an amazing ice skating trip! The campers really welcomed the break from the heat and the time to hang out together while practicing some Winter sport fun. We ended the night with arguably the best, most beloved פעלות ערב (evening activity) ever: ערב Paint – Paint night!!!! Things got a little messy but the חניכים loved it. They played tag, twister, duck duck goose, and now forever have beautifully decorated shirts to help them remember the night with!!!

Today our campers will finish up practice for Rikudiyah, the whole מחנה dance or ריקוד performance tonight!! They can’t wait to once again show off their amazing moves.


Avi and Emma