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August 15, 2017

Last Maalot Blog of Kayitz ’17

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Maalot ended this week with two huge victories; a successful play and first and second place at KTV, our lipsyncing competition. Our KTV theme was Broadway, and the banot (girls) used a medley of songs from Les Miserables to create a narrative of a day at camp. The banim (boys) used the song “Magic To Do” from Pippin and made fun of the cameramen who have been at camp this month to film a promotional video. The banim placed second and the banot placed first, securing their third KTV win. They’ve placed first every year of upper camp – in Arayot, Leviim, and Maalot – which is an extremely impressive feat.

After KTV, Maccabiah breakout was announced. Over the past week, various videos, spats, and announcements had been made about the Schwartz siblings, Talia (Rosh Kerem), Josh (Rosh Maalot), and Merav (a Leviim madricha). There were even mysterious campaign posters, each supporting a different sibling, that appeared in all of the tzrifim (bunks) overnight. All of this culminated when Josh was crowned Melech (king) KTV after the announcements of the winners. A fight about the unfairness of this ensued and, eventually, all of the roshes began to battle with pool noodles. Josh ran out of the Ben Tzvi and the entire camp followed him to Tzippori, where there were approximately three hundred noodles for all of the chanichim (campers) to battle it out. The roshes performed a dance and at the end, Josh was lifted up and yelled out Maccabiah. There were fireworks and music and flyers with the two team names, Sha’ar (gate) and Chomah (wall) rained down.

Since then, it has been all Maccabiah all the time. Today, we had an epic pillow and blanket fort building competition, and tonight we have Chidon, a trivia competition. We’re looking forward to seeing who wins, but are also getting sadder as the end of camp nears.


Josh and Helen