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July 11, 2016

Kfirim’s Having a Blast!

Author - Camp Yavneh

שלום dear parents and loved ones!

What a weekend it was in Kfirim!

Thursday evening was all about bonding with our bunk mates.  Each  צריף (bunk) had their own program.  The boys played variations of capture the flag.  B7 had a pirate theme, with gold and rubies as treasure instead of flags.  B6 played a combination of musical chairs, capture the flag, and monopoly.  Eventually, they decided they just wanted to play regular capture the flag, and so that is what happened.  Suffice it to say, this evening was all about running around and getting out pent up IMG_6657energy.  The בנים (boys) loved it!

The girls’ צריפים each had ערב (evening) Zen and ערב preschool.  G6 had one and G7 the other, and they they switched.  Amiel, ראש טבע (head of nature experiences) lead the בנות in meditation, while the others got back to their roots as toddlers.  The בנות had a great time.

On Friday we settled in for שבת (Shabbat), and there was joyous תפילה and singing.  On יום שבת (Saturday), it rained –A lot.  It was damp and miserable.  Yet, our spirits were not damp or miserable, and aydat Kfirim played sports and read and napped to their hearts content.

Yesterday it also rained off and on, and was very cold.  Think mid March weather. So, we watched Shrek (the movie that older kids watched on July 4) and had our first practice for Zimriyah (song festival).  On Sunday evening, the Kerem (CITs) lead a פעולה (activity) for the boys and girls, respectively.  The boys had a capture the flag scavenger hunt (twice in four days! Amazing!) and the girls had ערב (Erev) Spy.  All parties involved enjoyed themselves.

Today is a regular day at camp, and  the sun is shining.

Until next time, להתראות!

באהבה (with love),

Micah and Aliza

Roshei Kfirim