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July 10, 2019

Kayitz 19 – Gurim Third Blog Update

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom, Gurim parents.

The second week of kayitz was amazing – the chanichim (campers) had so much fun. They continued in week two of their chuggim (electives) and e also did a bunch of fun peulot (activities) throughout the week. On our Achla Yom (special day off) we had Kerem Carnival. You probably saw many pictures on our photos page – it was a blast! Kerem host the carnival and it had many different activities including face painting, dunk’ the madrich (counselor), “Just Dance” and some inflatable water slides . We ended the evening with a delicious BBQ and a movie – the chanichim had a choice between Shrek and Monster Inc.

Yavneh is known for our Fourth of July celebration that ends in a spectacular fireworks display. But before we got to those we had a fantastic mitz’ad (parade) where every bunk has its own theme – unicorns and sports were only some of the awesome of the cool themes that were in the mitz’ad. We also had a talent show, where some of the chanichim and madrichim had a chance to show camp the amazing things they are capable to do – singing, dancing and even some dog training tricks with Yavneh’s therapy dog, Shvavi. During that show we enjoyed some popcorn and soda that was given out tothe chanichim.

Last week was the second week of ReliSh, a time that all of camp gathers together to sing and welcome Shabbat with a lot of ruach (spirit) . During the day the chanichim had some free time to do all kinds of different activities with their friends from around camp like swimming in the Agam (lake), playing sports, playing board games and so on. Despite raining in the afternoon the chanichim still had a relaxing day in our sichot (discussion) in the afternoon with some of our morim (teachers).

We were sad to see some of our friends leave on Monday for Kaytana (two week option) but we are sure that they had a blast and we can’t wait to see them next year.

Everyone loves going to the UNH Pool, and Sunday night was no different. Chanichim had so much fun swimming and playing with all their haverim (friends) and madrichim (counselors), with both Gurim and Kfirim going together.

And a special birthday shout out to Lilah Foster and Nomi Maine, who were showered with birthday wishes including a cake and singing and even an ice cream party for their bunks.


Until next week,

Ofer and Jennie