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July 17, 2018

Gefen Blog – End of First Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Welcome back to the Gefen blog.

With first month coming to a close there was still a lot of fun left to be had. When you last left us we were headed into Zimriyah! Before we could get to the main event we had a great Achla Yom! JNF taught us cool tidbits about water in Israel and with Kfirim we filled an entire movie theater to see Incredibles Two. And it truly was incredible.
Gefen’s first ever showing in Zim was very impressive. The audience was blow away by how great we sounded and how cool our hand motions looked. Every member of the aydah sported a spray painted white tee shirt with a grape soda bottle cap on it. At the end of the night we placed third in Shir Chasidi and got to have ice cream sundaes. I think it’s safe to say that every member of the aydah is now a 364 for 1 Zim member!
Mixed in with all the Zim craziness was a visit from the Kolbo lady. Everyone had a chance to get customized Yavneh gear and we sure do look good in it. With Zim and Achla Yom behind us we got ready for our third Shabbos of the month! It was the perfect temperature outside and our very own Rosh Adyah, Allie, got to light candles for the entire camp before Kabbalat Shabbat started. We ate lots of mini hot dogs, chicken noodle soup, and special Shabbos chocolate cake and got to sing zemirot for a little longer than usual.
On Saturday during Gefen davening we practiced singing a very special song with many different parts. This song carried us all the way up the mountain when we hiked Mt. Major the following day for Achla Yom! Three hours round trip and quite the view was not a disappointment and neither was the Kerem-run peulah erev that night.
Monday was relaxing with free swim in the morning for all swim classes, closing up of chug and kitah, and one last rotation of afternoon peulot. The Maalot play had us all giggling at night and then we went to bed dreading the packing that would occur the next day.
Stay tuned for next weeks blog on the end of first month and the beginning of second month!