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May 02, 2016

Why Choose Yavneh? A 5 Step Approach

Author - Camp Yavneh

While we’re busy getting ready for 2016, you might be thinking about camp for 2017. It’s a great time to start thinking about picking the best option for your child and one that you can participate in and experience- camp in season instead of just reading the webpage. We share with you our top 5 ways to get to know Yavneh better.

  1. Read our website and watch our videos (best with your kids). On the front page there is a 9 minute camp overview. You can also see kids in action on the following pages: Sports, waterfront, visual arts, performing arts, and electives.Listen to music that help make Shabbat so special, on our Shabbat page.
  2. Read the words of those who have come before on our testimonials page. See why Yavneh has so many third generation families still sending their kids in search of the amazing experience they had before.
  3. Understand what makes Yavneh different on our Camp Philosophy page. As an inclusive community, we make being Jewish fun and special. See why so many parents choose for their kids to live and learn with campers and staff who help broaden their child’s Jewish horizons.
  4. Speak with other parents. Call our office and speak with one of our staff who can connect you with seasoned Yavneh parents in your community.
  5. Visit us. We invite you to spend the day with your child immersed in the Yavneh experience- “Yavneh for a day” will take place on July 10th this year. This is the best way to understand first hand what a Yavneh summer can do for your child. If you can’t make it on that date, we understand and offer private tours of camp all summer. Just contact us to schedule.

We’re here to help you in your quest for an amazing camp experience for your kids, Camp Yavneh!

Here are the links to follow to learn more and sign up for Yavneh for a day.