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July 17, 2017

Gurim – July 17th Updates!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Thursday night, Gurim had an amazing peulah where they went to each water fountain throughout camp and rated them in 4 different categories. Each kid let us know which they thought was their favorite depending on temperature, taste, location and ambiance. All of them had their separate but respected opinions.

The next day the chanichim enjoyed a typical Yavneh day, going from one activity to another. They then  prepared for Shabbat enjoying a beautiful ReleSh and Kabbalat Shabbat where the kids enjoyed singing the many songs. Friday dinner capped off a great Shabbat night.

The next morning they all got to sleep in and go directly to brownies for nish nush. From there they had Shabbat services where they sang the most incredible ashrei ever sung at camp. After breakfast and Musaf the chanichim had free time where they were able to enjoy themselves. Saturday night ended with lots of wacky mac (mac & cheese) and Havdallah.

Then came Yom Yisrael and the kids enjoyed activities related to or teaching them about Israel. From making pita to learning many of Jerusalem’s names, the chanichim had a blast. After lunch, there was a fun shuk where the kids could “buy” food, drinks, clothing and other things. There was also much dancing. The day ended with a tekes about Israel that brought all of camp together. It was extremely beautiful and consisted of the banim singing Avinu Shabashamayim and the banot showing off their dance moves.



Cooper and Mandy