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June 19, 2017

תוכנית – Meet Tochnit Specialists of Kayitz ’17

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תוכנית – Meet Tochnit Specialists of Kayitz ’17

Today, we want to introduce you to three  תוכנית (program) specialists at camp – Julie Leshem, Kristi Wivagg and Zehavit Kaider-Heafetz.  Julie is a Ceramic Artist, Kristi is the Kerem Play Director and Zehavit is the Head Baker and Cooking Instructor at camp. Learn more about them here.

Recently, we asked them three questions about camp and here is what they had to say:

Favorite camp activity?

  • Shabbat is really beautiful, getting to know campers and swimming in the agam. Lots of favorite activities!!!– Julie
  • “All day and night on July 4th. – Kristi
  • Shabbat. It is my favorite day of the week and I love the atmosphere that come with it. From all I’ve heard the whole camp is in a different mode. Everything is slower, Shabbat activities are more relaxed and I miss this feeling, like Friday afternoons back home in Israel. – Zehavit

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

  • “I am looking forward to sharing my love for working with clay with the campers.  I am always amazed by the creative and joyful atmosphere in the ceramics studio at camp. –  Julie
  • “Creating an awesome, funny show with Kerem – Kristi
  • “Everything! I’m new to camp and it is my first year so I’m very excited about everything; mostly, nature and the better weather than we have here in Atlanta. – Zehavit

Helpful tip for new and returning campers

  • “Open yourself up to trying new things and meeting new people.” – Julie
  • “Be open to everything and everybody. – Kristi
  • “Bring lots and lots of bug repellent, a journal or diary to write in your memories, your highs and lows of the day and cool things you don’t want to forget. Last tip is…. make room in your tummy for my yummy desserts and challah.– Zehavit