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May 10, 2017

Todah Rabah to Yavneh Supporters

Author - Camp Yavneh

We are so thankful to our dedicated community of Camp Yavneh alumni, current families and grandparents who are devoted to the continued advancement of our camp. Hundreds of you have chosen to give to Camp Yavneh’s Scholarship Fund and Annual Campaign and we’re thrilled to have your support!

This year’s Phonathon was a whirlwind of calls, videos and donations. Yavneh staff and volunteers were essential in helping us raise money for Scholarships to provide more campers an opportunity to benefit from all Yavneh has to offer. You may have noticed that this year was a bit different – we were on Facebook Live with Bil and Debbie and it was a blast! Also new this year was using Venmo to accept donations and, as result, for the first time we engaged many more young alumni under 25 to help us build our scholarship fund.

Some other fun facts about this year include:

  • The Scholarship Fund provides tuition assistance to 25% of Camp Yavneh families.
  • 17% of the donors in 2017 are under the age of 30 and represent Kerem ‘03-’15.
  • A total of 25 volunteers and Yavneh leaders came together to help us reach our 2017 Annual Campaign and Scholarship Fund goals.
  • We have attained 90% of our scholarship goal!

Todah Rabah  – Big thanks goes out to all of you who help provide an engaging K’lal Yisrael Jewish overnight camp experience to countless youth – inspiring them to become the next generation of knowledgeable and confident Jewish leaders.