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July 24, 2017

Second Session Gurim Campers Have Arrived!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Welcome to second session! While we were sad to see our first session kids leave, we’re so excited to have a new group of chanichim (campers) join us this summer. We started off the afternoon playing fun ice breakers to get to know everyone in the bunk. Then, we went on a camp tour and reviewed which buildings we would go to on a daily basis for different activities. We ended the tour at mifkad, where the toren (flagpole) is and where we

will gather every morning and night. After, we all gathered in the chadar ochel (dining room) for a yummy dinner full of chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes  and smiley face cookies. Following Birkat Hamazon, we headed to our peulah erev (night activity). We did a round robin that included 7 fun games including freeze dance, ninja, and extreme tag. We ended the night with rad hayom and headed to bed to get a restful night sleep for our first full fun day at camp.

Today, all the chanichim are selecting their chugim (electives) and starting their kitot (classes). We’re excited for what the rest of the week holds!


Cooper and Mandy