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June 11, 2017

Meet Three Yoetzim (Camper Care Staff) of 2017

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Meet Three Camper Care Staff Members of 2017

Miriam Loren, Ashley Marx and Mitch Wolper are an integral part of Camp Yavneh – they help ensure that campers have fun, participate in learning and feel part of camp life. Miriam is the Yedidut Inclusion Coordinator at Yavneh and both Ashley (session 1) and Mitch (session 2) are Social Workers at camp. Learn more about them here. Recently, we asked them three questions about camp and here is what they had to say:

Favorite camp activity?

  • “Favorite activities are Rekudiah and Friday night. I love the ruach, the community feel and the amazing sense of inclusivity.” – Miriam Loren
  • “My favorite camp activity is ceramics.” – Ashley Marx
  • “The anticipation of Shabbat..the bustle of getting ready and looking forward to Shabbat services outside in nature.” – Mitch Wolper

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

  • “I can’t wait to just get back to Yavneh. I look forward to seeing my friends again, unplugging and being back with my summer family. I can’t wait to see the kids and see their big smiles and see how independent and comfortable they feel at Yavneh.” – Miriam Loren
  • “I’m excited for so many things. It is hard to pick just one. I love the food, I love seeing people I haven’t seen all year, and I love Shabbat and havdallah!” – Ashley Marx
  • “Seeing Yavneh with all its changes after being away for so long (I was a camper in 1967!)” – Mitch Wolper

Helpful tip for new and returning campers?

  • “Don’t be afraid to ask. Everyone (seriously EVERYONE) is here to help ensure that you have a great summer. The madrichim, the roshes, the marp staff, hanhallah, the teachers, and fellow, veteran campers are all happy to direct you to places, explain things to you, and help integrate you into the Yavneh family.” – Miriam Loren
  • “Challenge yourself to try something new this summer.” – Ashley Marx
  • “Dive in, get involved! Take in all that camp has to offer.” – Mitch Wolper