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July 05, 2018

Mah Koreh by Lisa Rubins

Author - Camp Yavneh

One of my favorite things is to sit down to write this article.  Reflecting on what has gone on during one week of camp, makes me smile.  Realizing how much chanichim חניכים (campers) LOVE Peulot Erev פעולות ערב (evening activities) and how much effort our madrichim מדריכים  (counselors) put into making these the most fun they can be for their kids, helps clarify for me how spectacular Yavneh is.

This week, both madrichim and chanichim performed in Talent Shows.  There were skits, and songs, Rubix Cube challenges, Silent Raves and circus acts.  Everyone performed in a group act by tzrif צריף (bunk) and then there were multiple individual acts.  All performers felt proud as they were met with grand cheers for their performance.

July 4th was celebrated on July 4th!  With parade and costume, the whole camp celebrated America’s birthday.  Let’s Make A Deal was re-invented and everyone dressed up, anxious and excited to see if they would be chosen to participate. The food was outstanding….pancakes with REAL maple syrup at breakfast and fried chicken and mashed potatoes at dinner (followed by apple pie for dessert).  And the fireworks in the Migrash Sport מגרש ספורט (sports field) were dazzling.

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