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August 03, 2018

Machaneh Musings by Bil

Author - Camp Yavneh

We have two more Shabbatot and 10 more full days of camp until we say goodbye to one of the best summers of our lives. We are not excited to see the summer end. Chanichim are loving every minute – from KTV to Rikudiyah to hanging with their friends. Mevugarim are teaching outstanding classes and offering amazing peulot (activities) and madrichim are mentoring their chanichim with patience and love.

Sadly,  yesterday we said goodbye to Kaytana campers after two weeks of fun. Kaytana are younger campers who join us for two weeks in the summer and become part of the Yavneh family for life. So today I want to pause a moment and share five questions to ask your camper when they return home, either yesterday or on August 13th.

  1. What new activities did you try? Yavneh is full of exciting activities – from ukulele to sailing to basketball. And camp is a safe place for campers to discover new hobbies. As a parent of a camper, I know I have been surprised by what activities my children are excited about and grateful they have a chance to explore these interests. So ask them what they tried – either every day or once during their time at Yavneh.
  2. What is your favorite part of camp? From experience, there is definitely something from Yavneh that will stand out for your child. Find out what that is, learn more about it and ask for details. You may be surprised to discover that your camper loves to sing, enjoys fishing, loves steamed broccoli or has made three new best friends for life.
  3. What were your bunkmates like? Learn about your child’s summer community – who they shared stories with, who slept on the bottom or top bunk, who they ate meals with and any friends they want to connect with after camp.
  4. What were your counselors like? Counselors have special status – they are not old enough to be parents yet too old to be peers. Year after year I hear how much counselors impacted camper lives and taught them about patience, fun, growing up ad friendship.
  5. What part of camp did you like the least? Find our what challenged your child this summer, where they struggled and what they didn’t like. It is great to learn about your child’s whole experience at camp and I strongly encourage you to call me if there is something to share or you want to talk about.

And three last reminders as you reconnect with your child after a long, exciting summer – listen to them, let them sleep and love them. And thanks for sharing your child with us at Yavneh – we have ten more days to wow them.

Kol tov,