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July 09, 2015

Maalot’s Adventures in Camp

Author - Camp Yavneh

 On Monday, July 6th, we had our July 4th celebrations where we all dressed in red, white, and blue for an afternoon parade, dancing, and cupcakes. In the afternoon, the boys played water balloon volleyball while the girls practiced kadur tachat (a hybrid between tennis and soccer) for our upcoming competition at Hampshire Hills.Photo Jul 08, 12 26 25 PM

At night, we had a few Ma’alot mitnadvim (volunteers) who performed in the camp-wide talent show!! Toby and Adina sang beautifully, and Elizabeth and Julia performed their own funky rendition of Modeh Ani (I thank You)!!DSCN1069

For our second achla yom (trip day), we had a jam-packed day of outdoor activities that took place all over camp. The theme of the day was Yom Exodus, and we began by dressing as slaves. We had a camp-wide scavenger hunt where the chanichim (campers) had to escape the ten plagues by doing activities such as mummifyPhoto Jul 08, 1 09 52 PM one person in their group with toilet paper, peel an orange in just one peel, and guess which diseased livestock they were in the game “Headbands.” By aruchat tzohorayim (lunch), the chanichim were ready to ask for “manna in the desert,” so we all made pita bread!

We are so excited to for our third Shabbat of the summer, and we can’t wait to update you again soon on the happenings of

-Dani and Shai, Roshei Ayda (Heads of Unit)