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June 27, 2017

Maalot Welcomes Campers in Kayitz ’17

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We’re Josh Schwartz and Helen Berman, ראשי מעלות (division heads for Maalot) 2017 and are patiently awaiting our חניכים (campers) with excitement! This is Josh’s eleventh summer at מחנה יבנה (Camp Yavneh), which may seem like a lot but his mom was a Yavneh חניכה (camper) for thirteen. He is about to head into his senior year at Vassar College, where he studies art history and creative writing, will be the president of his campus Hillel, and will work at the Loeb museum. He’s particularly excited for מעלות פעולה (Maalot activity), a daily morning activity that is intended to strengthen עידה (aydah) bonding and unity, אחלה יום (trip days), and his favorite day of the year, זימריה (Zimriyah, our camp-wide singing competition).

Helen will be a senior at NYU next year and is also studying art history. Next year, she’ll spend her first semester studying environmental science at Ben Gurion University in the Negev, Israel. This is her eighth summer at Yavneh and she can’t wait for our חניכים to enter into our Gurim buddy program, where each חניך (camper) is partnered with someone from the youngest עידה at camp so that they can plan and participate in various activities together, for the חניכים to have the option to go through lifeguard training, and for the cardinal Maalot cabaret.

All of Maalot צוות (staff) have spent the last week readying the צריפים (bunks), training and building רוח (spirit) for the summer ahead. We can’t wait to have an amazing קיץ (summer) with our wonderful חניכים!

,(with love)  באהבה

Josh and Helen