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July 06, 2017

Maalot Highlights – 4th of July and Achla Yom Fun!

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Wow! what an incredible past few days! We celebrated America’s birthday by marching in a camp wide parade through Machaneh Yavneh.  Maalot’s theme this year was photosynthesis and everyone came down dressed the part – lots of green of course, and some wooden walking sticks.  After the parade we danced to American classics in the Bet Am, and ended the peulah with red white and blue themed cupcakes.  After that we learned how to press flowers, went slip and sliding, and bounced on the kangaruachOn Wednesday we all packed into a bus and headed to Wallis Sands beach.  Wearing our vivid orange Yavneh shirts with pride, we played ball games in the water- (chanichim (campers) versus madrichim (counselors) of course), played volleyball on the beach, and explored our Jewish identity through meaningful conversation. Beachgoers commented how well behaved we were! Every great beach day ends with ice cream, so we stopped for some Annabelle’s on the way home.

Our peulat ere (night activity) was no less exciting.  After the Achla Yom (trip day) BBQ, the girls and boys split for peulot (activities) lefi tzrif (by bunk).  The banot had Erev TLC, and had to work on creating an episode of a given TV show.  This is such a creative bunch, the sketches were so funny they rivaled SNL!  Our night ended by star gazing at Sadeh Yarok, led by some stargazing tips from Amanda Kaplan. The madrichim (male counselors) experimented with how the various senses affect our worldly perceptions.  Through a series of obstacle courses, and blindfolding activities, the chanichim learned to improve their communication skills. Wh

at a great week! 


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