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April 03, 2020

L’fi Ayda Hang In – Starting Monday, May 4th

Author - Camp Yavneh

We appreciate all the feedback and are so happy to hear that chanichim (campers) loved the Hangin’s with their roshes! It was a great opportunity to meet their roshes, hear more about Yavneh and connect with new and old friends. Due to popular demand, we have scheduled more Ayda Hangin’s – check out the dates and times below. We will send out the Zoom meeting ID and password via email the morning of the Hangin so be sure to check your inbox!

  • May 4th – Gurim (current 2nd – 4th graders) at 4-4:30 PM and Arayot (current 7th graders) at 8:15-9 PM
  • May 11th – Gefen (current 5th graders) at 4-4:30 PM and Leviim (current 8th graders) at 8:15-9 PM
  • May 18th – Kfirim (current 6th graders) at 4-4:30 PM and Maalot (current 9th graders) at 8:15-9 PM