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August 07, 2018

Last Kerem Blog – Second Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Wowee what a week Kerem has had! Although the summer is winding down, Kerem is absolutely not slowing down. We started out on Sunday night, August 29th, with an outdoor show at Portsmouth’s Prescott Park. We saw Seussical the Musical, a musical the combines multiple Dr. Seuss books into one absurd adventure. On Tuesday night, we went to a minor league baseball game. Go Fishercats!! Kerem caught baseballs, ate kosher hot dogs, and cheered on the players. Wednesday night was Rikudiyah, Yavneh’s annual dance festival. At Rikudiyah, each ayda learns a dance and performs it in front of all of camp. Kerem’s dance was to the song Chagiga BeYisrael. We had such a fun time dancing and being ridiculous in front of all of camp and loved seeing other aydot’s dances.

Aside from specialty programming, Kerem has put so much time into working on Maccabiah these past few weeks. Maccabiah is Yavneh’s version of color war, in which each team name is based on a Jewish concept. Kerem has spent day after day learning about the meaning behind the team names, splitting teams, and preparing for the many events that will happen over the four day Maccabiah.

After a restful Shabbat, Maccabiah broke out on Sunday night. There was a uniformed man, a fake statue and fireworks. All of the things a good breakout should have. The team names were released, Rachamim, Mercy, and Deen, Justice. The teams split into their first meetings, and Maccabiah had begun. We can’t wait to see what this culmination of Kerem’s summer of leadership will look like!


Josh, Elianna, Dan, Ben, and Yael