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August 07, 2018

Last Arayot Blog – Second Month!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom avid readers of the Arayot 2018 blog!

When we last left you it was a rainy day in July, now however, it is a sunny shiny HOT day in August! Funny how that works. We have had an all star week here at the machaneh! Arayot shinned at Rikudiyah, doing  a two-part partner dance to a song with the word “Aleyha” in it. Each time the word was sung we swang our arms above our heads, and swiveled our hips as we spun around in a circle. Though there was not a winner (#justforfun!), had there been, you know we would have won.

Sunday we had the incredible opportunity to be a part of project not called “Kululam.” We all learned small pieces of a song over the course of the week. We didn’t get to hear the whole song all together until the recording on Sunday! Everyone in camp ran towards the Beit Midrash as a drone filmed our joyous and choreographed running. We stood in our spots and belted our hearts out to “Rak Tefillah,” a few Arayot chanichim even had solos!

Sunday night was everyone’s favorite night of the year: MACCABIAH BREAKOUT! Chanichim ran to Sde Yarok to see two roshes race up Kir Tipus. When they reached the top a big banner unfurled saying “MIFKAD” and then the chanichim took off, running towards the flagpole. They circled around a veiled fake statue. We had a lovely unveiling ceremony that was interrupted by the police! In the confusion Sam Sheldon burst out from under the cloth and screamed MACCABIAH!!  Oh what a night!

Monday was our best Achla Yom ever! We went to a science museum in Manchester with many interactive physics exhibits! It was so much fun, we didn’t even realize we were learning! We ended Monday with an anything bracket! We faced off against our friends at any task we wanted to. In the end Peri and Elana faced off in a log roll. They rolled all the way across the Beit Am, and in the end Peri won! We crowned her queen of random, and then headed to bed for the night.

We are looking forward to an incredible last week at camp, one filled with ruach, Maccabiah, friendship, and love. We are so sad to see the summer wrapping up, but we can’t wait to do it all again next summer!


Danni and the rest of tzevet Arayot 2018