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July 13, 2017

Kfirim – Zemriyah Preparation and a Talent Show!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Kfirim has been having a lot of fun this week! We begun practicing for Zimriyah. The chanichim love the songs. Monday night we made Sh’monsters, which are stuffed animals. The chanichim created the Sh’monsters and learned about the Shma. They related the Sh’monster design to the Shma. They now have stuffed animals with them to sleep with and to have when they say the Shma at night.

Yesterday we went hiking at Mount Major. The hike was a lot of fun and the chanichim had a great time. There was a magnificent view at the top! We had a picnic lunch and learned a Zimriyah song while at the top. We then headed down the mountain so that we could continue with the day. The chanichim were pleasantly surprised when we stopped at Johnsons, which is an ice cream place a few minutes away from camp. The ice cream was really good and the chanichim really enjoyed it!

Last night was the Kfirim talent show. Each bunk put onits own act ranging from skits to songs to dances and much more. Chanichim also had the opportunity to do acts by themselves or in small groups. Everyone had so much fun and the acts were really good!

We are excited to go into our third Shabbat together and for all our Zimriyah prep over the course of the next week!



Adam and Danni