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August 05, 2016

Kfirim has Rikudiah Tonight!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Shalom Readers,

We have had quite a few exciting days here at מחנה Yavneh.
On Tuesday night, the camp had KTV, or Kerem TV.  At that event, each צריף (bunk) performs a lip syncing skit to a song in a particular category.  Kfirim’s category was Broadway musicals. Everyone performed really well.  G6 came in second place and B9 came in first! כל הכבוד Older Kfirim!
Then, on Wednesday, we went on our overnight camping trip.  Older Kfirim went with Aliza to White Lake State Park, and Younger Kfirim went with Micah to Pawtuckaway State Park.  At both locations, the חניכים (campers) went on a nature walk and swam in the lake.  They had a barbecue and finished off the night with S’mores around the campfire, followed by sleeping soundly in their tents.
Tonight is the annual ריקודיה (dance festival) where the בנים (boys) and בנות (girls) each perform a dance, and with Friday comes Shabbat.
Until next time,
Micah and Aliza
Co Rosh Kfirim