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July 24, 2017

Arayot – Zimriyah Win and Second Session Begins

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Hello faithful followers,

The last few days have been filled with kavana and ruach for Aydat Arayot and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Thursday morning and afternoon was filled with some last minute Zimriyah prep as everyone’s jitters and excitement began to grow. In the morning we had our recording session for our songs and as the final practice concluded in the afternoon we sensed something special was about to occur. After dinner and a pump up session we filed into the Beit Am with the rest of camp for Zimriyah’s proceedings. For those of you who were there or watched it on the livestream the night was owned by Arayot. We sang, danced and jumped all around and came out on the other side having won first place in all three songs and taken home first place for the second straight year.

Friday morning we unfortunately had to pack to get ready to send home our chaverim who only stayed one session. After lunch, once all the packing had commenced, we enjoyed a creative and fun filled afternoon of mini-Maccabiah that was planned and run by MaalotFriday night we enjoyed our final Shabbat of first session that included a delicious Shabbat dinner and Zemirot.

Shabbat morning was chalk full of Shacharit and Musaf and then a couple of hours of zman chofshi (free time) before lunch. In the afternoon we had more zman chofshi and then gathered again with the rest of camp for seudah shlishi and Havdallah.

On Sunday morning we sadly had to send some of our chaverim off and the rest were picked up by family and friends before returning to camp for second session. Sunday afternoon we welcomed some new chaverim in and had our first peulat erev of the session. We are excited for another great session in Arayot and are looking forward to telling you all about it!



Will + Aliza