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August 01, 2016

Arayot in Outer Space!

Author - Camp Yavneh

Aydat Arayot has been very busy with fun filled activities these past few days! On Wednesday afternoon, the חניכים (caPhoto Jul 31%2C 9 11 49 PMmpers) embarked on their journey to Mount Monadnack. Once we arrived at the campsite, we put up our tents, unpacked our stuff and played games with each other until the barbecue dinner was ready to eat! We had a wonderful, energy filled bonfire at night until we went to bed under the stars for our early morning hike up Mount Monadnack. The hike was challenging, but every חניך/חניכה made it up the mountain with a smile on their faces and looked out on to the beautiful view at the top.

The חניכים enjoyed a רוח (spirited) filled Shabbat while also relaxing and spending one on one time with each other. On Sunday the חניכים went back to their regular routine of instructional swim, כיתה (class) and חוג (elective). In the afternoon they enjoyed learning their רקודיה (dance festival) dance as well as playing dodgeball, volleyball and doing Zumba! At night, the חניכים got dressed up and excited for Erev Space where they dodged “flying saucers,” jumped on the “moon” and even made their own spaceships! This week we are preparing for KTV (a lip syncing competition) and רקודיה! We can’t wait!


Tara and Josh