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September 18, 2017

Alumni Corner – Pinat Bogrim

Author - Camp Yavneh

Where are they Now – Part Two of Three

In part two of the Pinat Bogrim (Alumni Corner) series “Where are They Now”, we are hearing from Talia Schwartz, a long time camper at Yavneh. In this series, we explore how their Yavneh experience helped cultivate their connection to Jewish life and encouraged them to become Jewish communal professionals. Read below to learn a little more about Talia:

Talia (K’10, N’11) spent 13 summers at Camp Yavneh, most recently, as Co-Rosh Kerem ‘17. Talia just graduated from Binghamton University with a major in Human Development and a double minor in Judaic Studies and Education. Talia is currently assistant teaching first grade at The Heschel School and living in New York City with Gracie Milstein and Jossie Forman, two fellow members of K’10!

1) What Yavneh experiences will you carry forward into your current position?

Throughout my 13 years at Yavneh, I learned that Judaism is both exciting and accessible. From singing a ‘shir chasidi‘ or ‘shir Yisraeli’ at Zimriyah, to davening during Kabbalat Shabbat, to engaging in thoughtful conversation about Israel in a kitah (class), my experiences fostered a strong love and appreciation for Judaism. I hope to share this with my students, through bringing them fun Jewish songs and stories, that they as first graders, can connect to, inspiring their own love of Judaism.

2) What impact do you hope to have as a Jewish professional?

In my current role as a Jewish professional, I hope to guide my first grade students as they learn the very basics of Judaism, from the letters in the aleph bet to the prayers and songs for Shabbat. Long term, I hope to foster Jewish communities in which others can connect to fellow Jews.