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Calling all 21+ Yavneh alumni! We are hosting an Alumni Calling Calling all 21+ Yavneh alumni! We are hosting an Alumni Shabbaton between May 10-May 12th for all alumni who are 21+, including families with young children (not of camp age). Spouses and significant others who did not attend Yavneh are welcome to attend. This will be a fun-filled weekend back at Yavneh in beautiful Northwood, NH. It is your chance to experience Yavneh again – from Havdallah ruach, Israeli dancing to Shabbas ball! There will also be exciting and new weekend activities. Stay tuned for a schedule.

We are offering two types of housing including bunks (no bedding included) for $120 per person and adult housing (with bedding) for $165 per person. Children are free. Limited babysitting will be provided throughout the weekend. Early bird registration ends on February 15th – so be sure to sign up soon.

Alumni Shabbaton

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    Limited babysitting services will be available. Additional charges will apply. Please help us plan accordingly by indicating whether you will require a sitter.
  • Shared bunks will be configured after registration is closed. Bunks can accommodate 8-15 people and special requests may be submitted to by April 15
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