The Yavneh Experience

The Yavneh Experience

Camp Yavneh The Yavneh Experience

In the foothills…

Camp Yavneh is situated on 65 acres of woodlands and waterfront in southern New Hampshire, a short 90 minute drive from Boston. The majority of our campers come from New England; we also have many families that come from the tri-state area and Baltimore/Washington. In addition to those locations, we attract campers from many other states in the U.S. and some foreign countries as well.

Steeped in tradition…

Now in its eighth decade, Camp Yavneh integrates the traditional camp setting with a strong Judaic component. Many of our current Yavneh campers are 2nd and 3rd generation campers whose parents or grandparents met at Yavneh.


The Jewish Experience…

We foster Jewish identity in the youth of today. We accomplish this through the daily camping program, which includes exposure to all aspects of Jewish culture and ritual.

Whatever their Jewish background, Yavneh campers quickly realize the many aspects of Judaism that are common to all Jews.

In the commonality of being Jews!…

Whatever branch of Judaism a camper adheres to, Yavneh youngsters quickly realize the many aspects of Judaism that are common to all Jews. This is what Yavneh is all about, K’lal Yisrael (all Jews are one!). Whether at a Havdallah service or a Jewish songfest, Judaism and Hebrew permeate the program in such a way that all camp activities can ultimately be placed in a more meaningful context and the camper soon realizes that living Jewishly can be fun. To learn more about Shabbat at camp, click here.

Our Partners

Camp Yavneh is an affiliate of  Hebrew College and works in collaboration with other organizations in fulfilling our mission.  Please visit their websites to learn more about each of them.
Foundation for Jewish Camp
JCamp 180 – Grinspoon
Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston
American Camping Association