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​Staff FAQ’s

Does camp hire staff for one month only?

While most positions require a full summer commitment, there are certain positions and occasionally special circumstances where a staff member may be hired for only one session.

I didn’t go to Camp Yavneh as a camper, can I still work there?

Yes. While preference is given to candidates who rise through the ranks of Camp Yavneh, many of our amazing staff come to us from outside our community.

Are there positions for parents to come with their kids?

Yes. Many of our staff members bring their skills to camp as a way to afford their children the summer camp experience. Please be in touch if you have a special skill.

Does staff get days off over the summer?

Yes. Most weeks our staff get a full 24-hour period off and they are welcome to leave camp. There are a couple weeks during the summer that the counselors get an evening off in place of the full day.

I am not a U.S. citizen, can I still work at camp?

If you don’t hold a U.S. Passport or proper documents to work (such as a green card), you will need to get an appropriate visa from your country. Speak with us if you are interested.

Where do staff go on their days off?

Camp is conveniently located about 30 minutes to two major NH cities and also about 30-45 minutes to beautiful beaches along the NH and Maine coast line. In addition we are only 90 minutes to Boston.