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Celebrating Yavneh at 75 – On and On, Dor L’Dor

Celebrate Yavneh with alumni, friends and family on Sunday July 28, 2019 12-4 PM and remember your past and share memories. Join us for live music, kosher lunch, learning with a scholar, sports, rikud, omanut and more! Programming for all ages. Click to register here

Event FAQ’s

Q: Are campers involved in the festivities?

A: No. Campers will be busy in their daily camp program.

Q: Is this like a Visiting Day?

A: No. Guests and campers will not share any programs and activities.

Q: Is this event for all ages?

A: Yes. We will have different programming for different demographics.

Q: Is this celebration happening while kids are at camp?

A: Yes, but guests and campers have different schedules.

Q: When will the schedule be available?

A: Monday, July 1, 2019.