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A Livestream Benefit Concert Featuring Joel Sussman on Sunday, July 19th at 7 PM

Camp Yavneh is excited to announce Erev Yavneh b’Chagigah – A Livestream Benefit Concert Featuring Joel Sussman on Sunday, July 19th at 7 PM, with all proceeds going to Yavneh. This musical evening will be emceed by third generation Yavneh alum and comedian, Ari Glasgow, K’12, and will be filled with ruach and great music.

Cancelling our summer camp season has had a serious financial impact on Camp Yavneh and we still need the full partnership of our community – alumni, camp families, grandparents, and friends – to help us bridge the gap to next summer. Please join us in supporting Yavneh.


As a renowned Jewish songwriter and one of the founding members of the internationally acclaimed Jewish Musical group SAFAM, Joel Sussman has been an integral part in bringing music to Camp Yavneh. During his wife Debbie’s 26 years as director of the camp, Joel was a volunteer member of the staff and part of the Yavneh family. His leading of Musaf services every week became the defining moment of Shabbat, and along with Saul Strosberg and then Benzi Thee his music of ReliSh and Havdallah are among our most cherished camp traditions. And of course, his original composition for Yavneh’s 50th anniversary – “On and On” – has become the camp’s anthem.

On July 19th, Joel has once again volunteered to share his love of Yavneh with music and Erev Yavneh B’Chagigah. This will be a unique opportunity to hear SAFAM music in a totally new way – an unplugged solo performance of some classic SAFAM tunes along with a few surprises.