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About Camp Yavneh

Camp Yavneh, situated on acres of woodlands and waterfront in southern New Hampshire, has been imparting Jewish knowledge and passion for over 75 years. We blend state-of-the-art camp programming with an environment that makes Jewish traditions come to life. Our campers explore and experience the fun of living Jewishly.

Yavneh is a K’lal Yisrael Camp – a place where all are encouraged to engage in Jewish traditions and practices (  Upon arrival, campers quickly realize the many aspects of Judaism that are common to all Jews. Whether at Havdallah or at a Jewish songfest, Judaism and Hebrew are integrated in all programs, offering a meaningful Jewish experience.

Camp Yavneh served more than 500 campers last summer, hired 175 summer staff, and owns over 75 acres of land. Camp Yavneh has 5 year-round staff, an operating budget of over $4M, and last year, Camp Yavneh raised $375K.

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Mission Statement

Camp Yavneh is committed to providing a K’lal Yisrael experience in a camp environment where all aspects of life reflect Jewish values. A place for Jewish learning and a fulfilling camp experience for all Jewish children.

Core Values

Yavneh is one of a few Jewish camps not affiliated with a denomination and our families span all backgrounds and affiliations of Judaism. We believe that dedication to the Jewish people, to Israel and to being a member of a Jewish community are essential to pass on our masoret (tradition). These values are instilled through day-to-day interactions among madrichim (counselors), chanichim (campers) and tzevet (staff), and are reflected in camp-wide activities.

What makes Yavneh unique is our ability to create a cohesive community not separated by differences in practices. We encourage all chanichim to share in our rich Jewish traditions and we help equip them to become an active part of the larger Jewish community with a greater respect and understanding of all Jews. This deepens their understanding of Jewish life and traditions, while helping them gain an appreciation for, and understanding of, alternative points of view concerning observance and philosophy. This is essential to fulfilling our hope for the future of a more unified Jewish people.

About the Position

Camp Yavneh seeks an educational leader with the vision, skills, and experience to lead the organization into its next phase of development, growth, and impact. Camp Director candidates should have deep and relevant experience in driving success in five critical areas: Executive Leadership, Resource Development, Financial Acumen, Facilities, and Organizational Structure and Culture.


  • Lead and facilitate a process for stakeholders to support a shared vision for Camp Yavneh moving forward; align the mission and define and oversee the K’lal Yisrael culture and educational curriculum of the camp
  • Lead the development of a strong organizational culture with a solid staff management infrastructure
  • Build relationships with families to maintain and recruit new campers; recruit, retain, and train staff
  • Be a presence, be visible, be joyful in camp
  • Lead the organization through values and business acumen, heart and numbers, and relationships and data


Executive Leadership: 

  • Execute and implement strategies and programs which carry out the shared vision formulated within the Board
  • Serve as the spokesperson for Camp Yavneh, representing the camp in the local community, and in the larger camping and Jewish community
  • Be a dynamic leader that will bring people and communities together – a compassionate collaborator

Resource Development, Financial Acumen, and Facilities 

  • Build, steward and diversify relationships with donors and potential donors
  • Craft and articulate a compelling case for giving for Camp Yavneh
  • Drive collaboration with the Board to innovate, build, and execute strategic financial and operational plans that support sustainability
  • Develop a budgeting process that provides both accountability and program creativity
  • Plan capital needs of the Camp Yavneh property and facility; work with the Board to design and budget for new, improved, or enhanced buildings and grounds

Organizational Structure and Culture

  • Build and maintain effective and trusting relationships with Camp Yavneh’s senior management team and staff
  • Assess and evaluate internal systems and staff infrastructure
  • Create an environment of team, collaboration, accountability, and appreciation; set and advance a positive and cohesive culture within the organization
  • Provide ongoing supervision, mentoring, professional development, and growth to direct reports, year-round and summer


  • Understands the power of the overnight camp experience and has a deep appreciation of the value and importance of Klal Yisrael and Jewish camping
  • Enjoys getting out in the community and is able to galvanize and inspire excitement
  • A proven people manager and culture “builder” who will actively work towards evolving how the team communicates and interacts with one another
  • Excellent and transparent communicator. Ability in engage in difficult conversations with sensitivity, openness, and thoughtfulness
  • Strategic visionary and critical thinker
  • Responsive, action-oriented, and decisive
  • Has a deep passion for the Jewish community, Jewish education, Hebrew, and a love of the State of Israel; is committed to Jewish life and is personally involved in the life of the Jewish community
  • Proven business and financial acumen, with experience leading positive and sustainable operational and cultural change within a complex organization
  • Exhibits evidence of fostering an atmosphere of transparency, cooperation, collaboration, and positivity
  • Demonstrates the highest degree of personal responsibility, accountability, and decision-making
  • Has strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Yearns to learn and stays up to date with the trends and the competition of Jewish and secular sleepaway camps across the country
  • Understands how to delegate because they trust their team
  • Brings experience dealing with youth, tweens, teens, and 20-somethings
  • Hebrew and Jewish literacy


This position description is based upon material provided by Camp Yavneh,

an equal opportunity employer.


Sarah Raful Whinston, Principal

Merav Schwartz, Associate


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