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Kerem (Counselors in Training)

Kerem, Yavneh’s Counselor in Training Program, provides the leadership skills and mindset to transition our campers to their upcoming roles as counselors. The program also helps deepen their knowledge and commitment to Jewish traditions and provides a range of additional skills and information including:

  • Increasing leadership roles with younger campers
  • Training and program management
  • Learning about the history of Zionism including a more nuanced perspective on contemporary issues
  • Working with leading staff to learn how Judaism integrates in their lives and their leadership role
  • Participating in a group Chesed project
  • Bonding opportunities both in and out of camp – including a two-day white water rafting in Maine
  • Developing and running camp-wide activities
  • And more…

In order to be accepted into the Kerem program, you must demonstrate maturity, responsibility, good behavior, good peer relations, a commitment to Klal Yisrael, and the ability to supervise children independently for short periods of time. In addition to supervising younger campers, Kerem runs Maccabiah, KTV (musical competition), participates in the a fundraising/ hesed activity, and creates and runs several educational programs for campers. With these additional responsibilities come various privileges such as a two-day trip white water rafting, a day-long ropes course, a one-day Boston trip, leading Zemirot Friday night as well as giving a drash and leading Kiddush, and an opportunity to be in camp with staff for a Shabbat before the official camp opening.

I just crave going back to Yavneh where I truly found my love for Judaism, made the best friends of my life and learned how to be a mentor/counselor to my campers. What a huge impact Yavneh has on my life in terms of my ability to be a great wife, mother, teacher and person.

Leah L. - Alum and Staff



Kerem requires a full season commitment. It is a very popular program; however, because of the nature of the program and the physical limitations in camp, we must limit the numbers we can accept.

The application process for Kerem is the same as it is for other campers. While applications are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. An evaluation of their Maalot summer is also considered. If accepted, the Rosh Kerem will write to participants welcoming them into the program and inquiring about their interests.

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